Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Release Party on 1st of November at c-base (Berlin)

So, half a year has passed and it’s time again to celebrate a new Ubuntu release. This is an invitation for you, your friends and any other human being around to join our „Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Release Party“ on Saturday, the 1st of November, at the sunken starship c-base (Rungestraße 20), starting at 4pm.

Again, a couple of lectures will be held – ranging from new features in Intrepid (that’s my part, I’ll give the lecture at the same day also at the BLIT), over Gnome eyecandy stuff to presentations of Freifunk project and the DeepaMehta semantic desktop (don’t miss!) directly from it’s lead developer. So either if you are new to Ubuntu and want to make first steps and contact other Ubuntu users or you are a Linux guru – you’ll find somebody to have a chat with, I promise. There’ll even be a „tux tinker corner“ where you or your girl friend have the possibility to try out some Tux Origami.

The event’ll mainly be in German, but a lot of people are speaking English, so don’t hesitate asking for help/translations.

Entrance is free, there is a free wifi, so feel free to bring your notebook in. You can also „buy“ a freshly burned Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu cd for a service charge of 1 Euro or check the Ubuntu merchandising table.

See you there?

Official Party Announcement Page
how to get to c-base?
Ubuntu Berlin

Don’t complain about it – make it better? Bug Jamming for a better tomorrow

Agreed, that was too much pathetic. But you got the point, didn’t you? Free software like every software is full of bugs and possibilities for enhancements. So is Ubuntu. But that’s okay, because we have the power to change it. No need to be a developer, no need to be an ubernerd. All you have to do is to spent some time. Need somebody to motivate you? Want to do it in a group? Then a Bug Jam is perfect for you!

No, it’s not a jam made of bugs :) It’s a get together where people work on eliminating software bugs by spending some time reading bug descriptions, checking them, writing new ones, informing developers about bugs or even patch the software by themselves. The Ubuntu community crew tries to push these events as they really help you to kick your ass and just get started as it’s much easier to get into the bug business in a group and it makes a lot of fun. And of course bugs fixed in Ubuntu can be ported to Debian and upstream quite often.

All you for a Bug Jam is… Ah, just come to one of the four Bug Jam irc sessions taking place in the next weeks, held by some Ubuntu people who already have some experiences with Bug Jamming and Ubuntu related events (I will support Daniel Holbach on two of them, one this Friday, 16:00 UTC). See the schedule on Daniel’s blog entry.

And keep in mind:

1. There is the 5-a-day project where you and your loco team, group or whatever can make a difference and pop up on the first line of the statistics.

2. There will be a Global Bug Jam which will be the first and biggest of it’s kind so far and you can be part of it.

Hope to see you there.

My 5 today: #156204 (pidgin-otr), #130443 (pidgin-otr), #144770 (pidgin-otr), #240420 (ubuntu), #231660 (ubuntu)
Do 5 a day – every day! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day

First BBJ – Berlin Bug Jam – with MOTU Daniel Holbach on Monday, 16th of June at c-base Berlin

Ubuntu Berlin ist proud to present you the first BBJ: A „Berlin Bug Jam“ with Ubuntu MOTU Daniel Holbach, who will rock the place, for sure. Don’t know what a „Bug Jam“ is? Well, imagine it as a gettogether for working on bugs in a team. That does not mean, you have to be a developer: Everybody is welcome, who can do things from testing bug reports, triaging, patching or just wants to see how it all works. So this will rather be an „event“ than a lecture/workshop and provide you with a lot of fun and knowledge. If you want to see a detailed description of a bug jam, check the wiki page.On the BBJ, we will try to persuade to join the 5-A-Day project, motivating people to continuously enhance the Ubuntu Distribution and helping you to spread the word (and yes, to compete if you like) by trying to work on five bugs every day. Let’s see, if we succeed…

Feel free to bring your notebook along. We have power and free wifi, of course.

Event: 1. Berlin Bug Jam (BBJ) with Daniel Holbach
Location: c-base Berlin, Rungestr. 20
Date: 16th of June
Time: 18:00

Please note: If you want to support the Global Ubuntu Bug Jam, which is taking place from 8th to 10th of August,
this is a perfect possibility for you to gather some hands on
experiences. Of course, Ubuntu Berlin, will bring up a great lineup and
event for the Global Bug Jam. We are already working on it.

Ubuntu BBQ on 31th of May – End of Linuxtag

Ubuntu Berlin strikes again! On the 31th of May, this Saturday (and last day of the „Linuxtag“), Ubuntu Berlin is proud to present the „Ubuntu BBQ“ – an event you should not miss when staying in Berlin for attending „Linuxtag 2008„, live here or happen to be around by chance.

Hosted again by the sunken starship „c-base“ we are happy to provide you with drinks at low prices, and BBQ and entrance for … free! Sponsorships from Canonical Ltd. (you might have heard of them) and ubuntu Deutschland e.V. (thank you!) and an invitation from the Linuxtag Community staff made this possible and we are anxious to see how many Linuxtag attendees make their way to the base.

But it’s not about eating and drinking: The event gives you the possibility to meet a lot of GNU/Linux and Ubuntu interested folks, even some of the well known free software gurus in a relaxed atmosphere. Of course you can use a free wifi network with you notebook/gadget/whatever, but don’t forget: It’s a party. Music will be around and you can sit directly at the rivercoast of the „Spree“. It’s said the weather will be great.

You are invited the join us starting from 4 pm – the BBQ will start from 7pm – so you have enough time to come over from Linuxtag. We will arrange some groups you can join on Linuxtag making it easier for you to find the c-base. See more on our (yet only German) announcement.

Ubuntu landed on Berlin metro system

The guys from „Berliner Fenster“, a company responsible for the content of the television system installed inside underground vehicles (more than 3.700 displays) were so kind (thank you!) providing us with a spot for our release party this Saturday for free. So just on time with the release starting from today there are small spots viewable by an audience of about 1.5 million people per day according to their web site.

Don’t trust me? See this:

and this:

And come over on Saturday, the 26th of April to our release party. Lectures, demonstrations, freshly burned cds, a live Samba band, a button machine and Daniel Holbach as Drum’n’Bass dj and of course dozens of helpful and open source minded people are waiting for you. Entrance is free.

Richard Stallman on 18.2. in Berlin

Just wanted to let you that Richard Stallman helds a lecture in Berlin/Germany on 18th of February.

Here is the German announcement:

Richard Stallman, der Begründer und Vordenker der Freien Software Bewegung hält einen Vortrag über die Philosophie und Geschichte der Freien Software.

Der in New York lebende Richard Stallman ist der Begründer der Freien Software-Bewegung und Verfasser wegweisender Texte dieser Bewegung. Der Begriff der “Freien Software” stammt von ihm und steht für die Idee, dass Software von ihren Benutzern zu jedem Zweck ausgeführt, verändert und weiterentwickelt werden kann und darf. Dieses Recht – das die meisten Software-Firmen ihren Nutzern verweigern – begründet Stallman mit der Forderung, dass Wissen jedem Menschen frei zugänglich sein sollte. Stallman vergleicht das von ihm geforderte Recht auf Freie Software (free software) mit dem Recht der “Freien Rede” (free speach), die im Gegensatz zum “Freibier” (free beer), zu den Grundrechten einer freien Gesellschaft gehört.

Richard Stallman hat mit dem Betriebssystem GNU/Linux auch die Entwicklung des heute am weitesten verbreiten Betriebssystem vorangetrieben, das unter einer freien Lizenz steht. Mit der der GNU General Public Licence hat er darüber hinaus die rechtliche Grundlage für die Nutzung und Verbreitung Freier Software geschaffen. Um die Idee der Freien Software zu kommunizieren und zu verbreiten gründete Richard Stallman 1985 die Free Software Foundation (FSF), die mittlerweile auch Schwesterorganisationen in Europa (FSFE), Indien (FSFI) und Lateinamerika (FSFLA) hat.

Die Veranstaltung beginnt um 19:00 Uhr und findet im Atrium des media centre, Johannisstraße 20, 10117 Berlin statt.

Der Eintritt kostet 5 Euro.

More information can be found on the newthinking website and on the netzpolitik.org blog. See you there?

Packaging Jam session on 6th of February at Newthinking store Berlin/Germany

Time to get a ticket to Berlin! As Daniel Holbach already mentioned on this blog, the „Ubuntu Berlin“ team is proud to present the first „Packaging Jam“ session in Germany (if not even in Europe).

On 6th of February between 19:00 and 21:00 you’ll have the possibility to attend a workshop with Ubuntu developer and Canonical employee Daniel Holbach who explains the essential steps towards Ubuntu packaging and answers development related questions. The workshop takes place at the Linux friendly „Newthinking store“ (thank you, guys!), Tuchholskystraße 48, 10115 Berlin, and will be, of course, free of charge.

Feel free to bring your notebook along in order to be able to check if Daniel is right about what he tells you 😉 If you don’t feel like carrying it around – you don’t have to. Just join us for a fine evening!

More information: