My Mom Runs Ubuntu – Update for Ada Lovelace Day

Just a couple of days ago I wrote update the upcoming „Ada Lovelace Day“ – celebrating women in technology on the 24nd of March, which happens to be today. The day pledges for blog posts about this topic and here we go with an Ubuntu flavored version.

At Ubucon 2008 in Göttingen, a German Ubuntu User Conference, I noticed that a lot people hanging around discussed how nicely their parents and especially moms are using Ubuntu. No hazzle, no further explanations needed – it just worked. And often they don’t even know or notice that they are using Ubuntu, as they just standard software like Firefox and Thunderbird. As this user group doesn’t belong to the tweeting, facebooking, social web society, I decided to found a launchpad group named „My Mum Runs Ubuntu„, that has no further meaning than joining it means your mother runs Ubuntu – a simple way of giving this „silent“ user group at least a number and a marker on a map.

I was surprised how fast the member list grew and happy to see that it’s members came and come from all over the world as you can see below:

"My Mom Runs Ubuntu" global map (map by Google)

"My Mom Runs Ubuntu" global map (map by Google)

So this is not about a single heroine in technology – it is about a general movement:  I am convinced, especially Ubuntu with it’s focus on an intuitive interface seems to keep the entry level very low and therefore attracts user groups that might be a suprprise for a lot of people. I know dozens of techie people stating that free operating systems are way too complicated to use for them. When telling about „My Mom Runs Ubuntu“ they run out of reasons. At least there is nothing more convincing on using free software than people that are just using it on a daily basis without the need of telling everybody as they just take it as normal. I am sure, this user group continues to grow and am

So, if you already have a Launchpad account and your mum runs Ubuntu, too, give her a voice by just joining the group.

And if you think, this post misses real techie heroines, check the „Ubuntu Women“ project, featuring some of the most active members of the Ubuntu community.

Ada Lovelace Day Logo

Ada Lovelace Day Logo

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