And your favorite new feature in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex is … ?

Hey. As I am giving a little interview tomorrow about new features in Ubuntu Intrepid and’ll held two small lectures about the same topic my question to you is: What is your favorite new feature in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex? Think, I like the new userland encrypted Private directory a lot, but also the new OpenSSH 5.1 version. But that’s just my taste – and yours? Are there – besides the widely known new features – things you’ve long been waiting for? Let my know by dropping a line in the comment field.

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  1. A KDE Version, you can work with … and a fix for the crash on IBM X30. So far, I’m really disappointed of Intrepid. :-(

  2. The new DKMS has been awesome for me during prerelease, it makes sure I never have Nvidia driver problems when the kernel is updated.

    It looks like my Network Manager and Pulse Audio issues have been cleared up, which is excellent!

  3. I haven’t tried it out yet, but dmraid support (aka fakeRAID support) is going to be my favorite feature if everything works with it, but as the first poster pointed out it seems to be a bit of a disappointing release in terms of new features.

  4. Intrepid is the first release that allows flawless suspend-to-RAM *and* suspend-to-disk on my laptop, and the Network Manager reconnects quickly and automatically to my Uni’s WPA Enterprise network upon resuming from either of those (under Windows I need to tell it to repair the connection). Very impressive.

  5. Tabs in nautilus. Amarok startup time is greatly reduced. The network manager appelet.
    I use a Lenovo y410.
    the display brightnes don change on its own. And i got my headphone jack working.

  6. Muine (my favorite music player) finally working again.
    Really useful spellchecking for languages with composited words since it uses Hunspell all over the system.
    Network manager finally rocks.
    Nautilus with tabs.

  7. Improved network manager, specifically the connection editing interface and support for GPRS connections. :-)

  8. My favorite new feature is the change up of the sound dialog when double clicking it in the widget, it is more intelligently designed.

  9. I haven’t trained myself to use it much yet, but the thing that looks most likely to significantly change my workflow is the Hamster time-tracking applet in Gnome. Small, but really cool.

  10. The best things:
    1. 3G dialup support from network manager. Very impressive, setup was instant, well thought out.
    2. Suspend to RAM/Hibernate works perfectly.
    3. Ability to control LCD brightness using Gnome applet.
    4. Automatic mounting of external USB hard-drives works better than before (probably something with my device, but works better)
    5. Automatic dimming of laptop LCD when idle.

    The feel is good, and the system is stable. Getting that feel-good factor that 7.10 used to bring :)

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