Ubuntu on 24C3 Congress summary

24C3, the annual hacker congress at Berlin/Germany, is nearly over and there is not so much to say about Ubuntu. Though there had been a small Debian booth – marketing materials and stuff – there was nothing similar for Ubuntu. We discussed that earlier and actually most people thought, it’d not make that much sense as Ubuntu is not known for being the hacker favorite operating system. I guess, we should think about this next year again, as this conference gives the possibility not only to contact users but also a great bunch of possible developers.

In spite of that, this year you could notice dozens of Ubuntu driven notebooks around the congress. I met some folks interested in Ubuntu contacts and even helped out a Brazilian girl from linuxchix.org.br (greetings!) with an Ubuntu cd. So what you can summarize is the fact that Ubuntu is just a part of common usage around and that is what we like, don’t we?

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