Desktop Summit 2011 in Berlin

I am happy to announce that Berlin has been chosen as location for the Desktop Summit 2011. If you don’t know so far: Desktop Summit is a 1000+ developer conference co-hosting KDE’s „Akademy“ and GNOME’s „GUADEC“ at the same time:

Read the press release: Desktop Summit 2011 Announced

As Ubuntu member and head member of c-base e.V. I am part of the Berlin team, together with Claudia Rauch from KDE e.V. and Mirko Boehm of KDE. Let me quote Mirko:

„We are honored and proud that our proposal was selected. What we look forward to the most is the inspiration our communities will draw from having the Desktop Summit together again, but also from visiting our bustling, welcoming city. We would like to thank all the supporters of the proposal, and will work hard to make the conference a big success.“

I am sure this event will become a success. And it’s a great opportunity to meet and greet across the letters before the „U“ in „Ubuntu“.

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