„human“ Ubuntu Karmic Koala release notes – a reminder


Karmic is to be released any minute now, so just as a reminder:

Over the last weeks I started writing „human“ release notes that concentrate on the most important changes that impact the users work. They are available on the Ubuntu Wiki:


If you like, you can add a screenshot of Empathy (and Pidgin?) video chat in action or send them to me, so I’ll upload them.

Please note, that Ernst Sjöstrand just dropped me a line, that he had the same idea of writing „human“ release notes, but focussed on main packages and there forked the work on


In my eyes the human release note project is yet at an early stage but I got a lot of positive feedback and think the work can be continued with the next Ubuntu Lucid Lynx release in an advanved way with more contributors.



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  2. @Schalken: Thank you for the hint: That was a bad translation of the German idiom „jede Minute“. Changed it to „any minute now“.

  3. I think that is too technical considering it is called Human Release Notes. (for me there was some information I found useful, but I am kind of technical)

  4. @Tomáš: You might be right: Actually that is something that needs to be discussed. I tried to concentrate on feature changes and I assume that something like marking them „for end users“, „for developers/administrators“ or something would help in the future.

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