Meeting Ubuntu folks at 24C3

It’s chaos congress time! The annual hacker congress taking place at Berlin(Germany) from 27. to 30. of December has opened its doors for hundreds of hackers, nerds, geeks and people who just like to talk about tech stuff at the of the year. If you are around Berlin, consider taking a ride there and check out the schedule for talks and workshops.

Of course Ubuntu people will hang around there, too. If you like to meet at least a couple of them: We will meet today, 27. of December at 15:15 at the info desk. Don’t expect dozens but definitely more than one. Some of us are native Berlin folks so this is a good situation for retrieving information about local stuff.

Meet you there!

We will probably organize another meeting. Join the Ubuntu Berlin mailing list or the not so up to date wiki for more details. We have an irc channel #ubuntu-berlin on Freenode, too.

5 Gedanken zu “Meeting Ubuntu folks at 24C3

  1. Great! I’m here but I’m really lost when comes to places to go… and also, there is anyone with a Ubuntu cd? :) I lost my system (not so) recently and I’m postponing to reinstall it, but I think it is about time…

  2. Hi Sulamita,

    I just dropped out for today as I have some tasks to do. But I’ll definitely be there tomorrow for a long time. You can contact me by writing a mail to „damokles at ubuntu dot com“ and I think we can arrange a cd for you, too. Which one do you prefer?

  3. My girlfriend and I are going to visit 24C3, although on 29th only. However, i wish you some interesting days and lectures.

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